Live At Dark Star: Dennis & Robbie Duo

Live At Dark Star: Dennis & Robbie Duo

June 17, 2023

Robbie and Dennis have been picking together now for 2.5
years. playing small venues, such as Savory Palette,
Sculpterra Winery, Ancient Owl Beer Garden, and the Pozo
Saloon. They perform acoustic folk-blues originals and
covers . This duo can delight and entertain a crowd with
their infectious humor and charm. Both artists make their
homes on the Central Coast.
Robbie Kimball is a mainstay in the Central Coast music
scene. Robbie has been in a number of folk-rock bands


dating back into the early 1980s. Robbie is a singer-
songwriter and plays 6 and 12 string guitar. He has been


very active in the Live Oak Festival and hosts Picking up the
Tempo and Classical Music Showcase on KCBX in SLO.
Dennis Mikel is new to the Central Coast but has
performed in several bands in Atlanta, Ga., Raleigh and
Durham, NC. Dennis is also a singer–songwriter and has
copyrighted, recorded and published 29 songs.

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