Lazy Locals Father's Day Concert: Martin Paris Band

June 16th 13:00 Castoro Cellars

Event Description

Formed in 2002, the Mar­tin Paris Band plays a vari­ety of musi­cal gen­res includ­ing Rock, Pop, and Coun­try. Play­ing to Con­certs in the Parks”,
wed­dings or winer­ies, they offer some­thing for every­one. The band includes lead vocal­ist Deb­by White, lead gui­tarist, fid­dle, and vocal­ist Kel­ly Pow­ers,
bassist Ter­ry New­by, drum­mer Matt Wil­son, and found­ing mem­ber Mar­tin Paris on acoustic and elec­tric guitar.

1 - 4 PM